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Explore a market in a sentence

Forward-thinking teams use our Market Landscaping platform to maximize their visibility into a market and gain a competitive edge. Explore markets, discover companies, and analyze personalized insights with the power of AI.

Market Exploration

Understand a new market at a glance

We built a market search engine powered by the latest AI techniques to help you get smart on a space quickly. Explore the subspaces that exist in a market and view relevant companies and solutions instantly.

Company Scouting

Discover the companies that cannot be searched for

Get a comprehensive view of emerging markets with a prompt. Whether you're looking to build, buy, or partner, we'll help you fully map a market to find the best fitting companies with minimal noise and effort.

Personalized Insights

Visualize fine-tuned data and insights

As you map out a space, you get personalized insights unique to your search. Analyze funding trends, visualize competitor's investments, and see data that helps you understand a space.

Semantic Database

Connect with data that understands you

Move beyond traditional databases that rely on endless keyword searches to find relevant companies. Instead, connect with a database optimized for natural language processing.  

“It’s one of the first times I’ve seen automation of traditionally human tasks using AI done properly - and better.”

Head of Innovation at a Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

Ready to see for yourself?

Speak with our Growth team to learn how strategic teams are using AI to map markets faster and more efficiently than ever.

Designed for forward-thinking teams

FounderNest empowers strategic teams operating across industries and geographies. Already powering the world's most innovative companies.

"FounderNest has totally changed the way we find new companies. It feels like there’s always someone looking out for us, spotting opportunities we might have missed."

Corporate Venture Partner - Fortune 500 Energy Company

"The beauty of FounderNest is that it understands my search to help me explore and find all the relevant companies that I’m looking for."

Head of Innovation Scouting - Fortune 500 Insurance Company

"FounderNest helps us discover the 20% of opportunities we would have never found otherwise. We can now map 100% in record time, giving us a competitive advantage."

VP of Corporate Development - Fortune 500 Pharma Company

Market landscaping with the power of a prompt

Learn how you can uncover the hidden players in a market and get smart on spaces using natural language. Speak with a member of our team to learn how to get started today.

Advanced ai market landscaping

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